Reducing Your Real Estate Taxes in Florida
Reducing Your Real Estate Taxes in Florida

"Records show an error of 40% exists in estimation of property taxes."
— According to CONSUMER REPORTS.

Now, is the Time for Dramatic Reductions in your Real Estate Tax Bill, giving you savings that will last for years to come. You can save thousands.

We can reduce real estate taxes in every County in Florida on these types of properties!

Vacant Land

Select the property and ask the owners.

Our real estate values have dropped 60% to 80% in the past couple of years! Have your taxes been reduced by this much?
Here's how we do it.

Tax Reduction Test?

Answer these questions to see if you qualify for a Reduction ...

Are you paying more than $1,000 in Real Estate Taxes?

You couldn't have sold your property on January 1, 2013 for its assessed value?

Are you paying more than the law allows?

Florida Tax Reduction Initiative, LLC.
Robert Greene
Florida Realtor